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I hear you speak, dear friend of Art.
You cannibal:
You eat my heart.
I know not how to stop you, so...
Deeper into the sand we go.
The night has swallowed whole the day,
In shattered homes and streets we pray,
While stars look down in pain below:
Deeper into the sand we go.
The orange sky falls sharp and sly,
There is no room for our goodbye,
Your secrets are too rich to know,
Deeper into the sand we go.
The words of years rest steady still
Upon my tongue, and rest they will
Until my death. Perhaps you know...
Deeper into the sand I go.
If noise and light could somehow wed
And tell you all I wish I'd said.
In some grand dance, my thoughts recall.
Deeper into the sand I crawl.
The world is big, too big for me.
I feel afraid of all I see.
There is too much to truly know.
Into the sand we gladly go.
The sun is worse to me than dark,
To feel so close is more apart.
I think there's too much life in day.
So in the sand I'll always stay.
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Haiku 1
When all is at peace,
The smallest droplet of rain
Heralds the thunder.
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I am, simply, lacking.
There is absolute absence
And a void divine.
The world is not dead, it is alive with nothing
The space between You and I is overwhelming
The night closes fast like the eye of the Reaper
The truth can kill.
We have
felt more alive.
Here we stand, stand
ing on the brink of destiny.
When the drums sound in the distance,
You will know that
It is ending
The kaleidoscopic catastrophe approaches:
La mort de la vérité,
La mort noire de la foi.

The death of all of mankind's dreams
And the dark pretence de moi.
Quand tout se termine et je suis resté moi seul,
Will my footprints be washed away?
I am, simply, not.
:iconjohnandrewe:JohnAndrewE 3 3
The Forests of Spite: I
Within the human soul itself there exists a side which harbours the most vile and unmentionable notions and vanities, a side in which hides a realm so dark that we do anything we can to avoid touching it, or even speaking of it aloud. It is the part of us which we cover with make-up and charitable goods, or try and hide with pleasant smiles and light-hearted attitudes in public. If we could, we would prance about our daily lives in complete denial of the reality of such a thing, and it is evident that many of us try.
Many elements name this evil place their home. Ideas and sins like Sloth, Avarice and Pride all lurk here with hollow eyes awaiting a time when they are called upon. And while this place is as black and lifeless as the underbelly of the Beast himself, each and every one of us finds ourselves reaching ravenously into this void in search of gain and pleasure at  some point. The clawed monsters within, Lust, Wrath and Gluttony among others, wickedly enter the mind o
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Black White and Red
A question. One raised on the lips
Of a red breath, trapped,
Stuck in a black world and running
She runs. Her being forced forward
In a search for it. The nameless
Prize we long for
Or is it called "freedom" and we solely crave it as we do our very air but like a scream in a whirlwind it is ever a reach away.
She runs.
A tear, liquid torment, a dead heart, a living cadaver...
The smell of a thought.
The sound made when lightning dies.
Left right left right left right
She runs.
Why do the birds cry?
On a stage she falls, dead?
The sky is blue,
She screams for something...
No-one hears. The walls are too loud.
She runs.
And we will never stop chasing her.
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The End of all Things: Part 1
Perceive, lost soul, how dim the stars!
The scars of life have taken toll
Our whole green earth will soon be gone
The dawn of death has thus been riled.
Look, child! Behold! The end of life!
When strife and love like one will fall
And all the world will see dire straits,
As states and lands are lost in flames.
The aims of kings will pass and fade:
No shade from name or crown or state
Will fate allow a thronéd man
Nor can a queen this end avoid.
The Void will welcome all who walked
And stalked this earth with aimless minds,
It finds them equal in Its eyes.
The wise will perish with the fools.
The pools of water shall be first
Man's thirst will cause him fear and woe
As, lo, the river and the seas
Release the End, the beast foretold.
Behold! The water shakes and shifts
And lifts! Oh, my! Look out! It comes!
The drums of seamen ring its sound
Renowned Leviathan awakes!
He snakes past waves, a slith'ring shape,
A gaping mouth and hide as rock
Now, flock the men with spears and bows
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I don't really have any excuse for my lack of activity or submissions on this site. Other than a lack of inspiration and a sense of creative deprivation that is. I haven't feel driven to submit any poetry at all lately and haven't written anything, and that is my own fault. I have also been lacking in looking at the work of others. I felt malnourished in literature and I miss it.

HOWEVER I have been working away at my own projects.

ONE) My good friends and I are currently half way through the filming of a short film. It was co-written and directed by myself and I am very excited to see it fully finished and going around small theatres.

TWO) A script for a feature film that I am working on is coming along well. It is a large project and I have been very passionate about it for about 6 months now, to the point where it totally dominates my thoughts. The characters, the shot angles and types, the editing pace. This film has become the focus of all my thoughts, but the process of writing a two hour long script is incredibly daunting.

THREE) Since last November, I have been writing a novel. As part of National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo to us regulars) I wrote around 57000 words of it. It is very nearly finished, and I have done one edit. However I am very much unsure as to the right path to go as far as publishing is concerned. If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

WISHING you all a good week and creative blessings.

ENJOY the sand.
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